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CBC Kids News on the word Indigenous, Reconciliation and National Indigenous History Month

The word Indigenous

Indigenous people are the first people to live in a place. In Canada, Indigenous people belong to several different communities or nations. CBC Kids News’s Sid and Ruby explain.

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Orange Shirt Day Discussion: Reconciliation in the Classroom

CBC Kids News contributors Isabel DeRoy-Olson and Ainara Alleyne take us through a chat about Orange Shirt Day, reconciliation and how the classroom can be a place for change. We have gathered questions from classrooms across Canada to put to three Indigenous youth who are ready to share their ideas, insights and personal experiences.

Hear from Indigenous youth panellists: Eli Rowe, Ryleigh Todd-Moore and Sophia Smoke.

Sophia Smoke, 16, Manitoba, Dakota Plains First Nation. Passionate First Nations youth leader. Loves musical theatre. “It’s about reconciliation within ourselves, too…. Learn the history that isn’t in the school textbooks.”

Eli Rowe, 16, Nova Scotia, Lake St. Martin First Nation (Manitoba) and Mi’kmaw. Excited about news and wants to pursue a career in journalism. Loves to cook and listen to old rock albums. “Cultural experiences like smudging have been open in my school and can help give a glimpse into Indigenous culture.”

Ryleigh Todd-Moore, 16, Manitoba, Norway House Cree Nation. Loves science and wants to become a paramedic. Wants to bring more awareness to missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, climate change and pipelines. “Reconciliation is important because everyone deserves equality.”

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National Indigenous History Month: When did it start and what is it?

You may have heard of National Indigenous Peoples Day — it takes place every year on June 21.

Since 2009, Canada has officially celebrated National Indigenous History Month the entire month of June. These celebrations are meant to honour Indigenous history, people, cultures and contributions. But with so many different cultures and people that make up Canada’s Indigenous population, is one month enough time? CBC Kids News is a website for kids, covering the information you want to know. Real Kids. Real News.

Watch this CBC Kids News video now!

All information here remains the property of CBC Kids News. CBC Kids News is a website for kids, covering the information you want to know. Real Kids. Real News.

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