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Stay Organized!

I always used to think reading “how-to” articles was a waste of time! I never really took anything they said too seriously. Until I started to realize that I was stuck in the same shenanigans as last week. I’m late again. I forgot something. Why are mornings so chaotic? I wish life was easier!

Put it into Practice

One day I decided to look up tips on how to stay organized. Here are some key tips that I’ve found help make life easier!

  1. Pre-plan everything - Before you go to bed, get lunches ready, lay out clothes for the next day and put bags by the door. Make sure that coffee pot is ready to go!
  2. Set a healthy routine
  3. Do less during the week
  4. Get a good night’s sleep
  5. Try to wake up extra early before your kids, have a coffee and smudge to start the day.

Give any of these a try, it’s as easy as it sounds!

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