Transition to Adulthood

Be a Deadly Parent, Aunty, Uncle, Cousin!


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Talking to Children about Sexual Health

Whether you are a parent, or are the world’s deadliest aunty, uncle, or cousin, if younger kids are around, you can be someone they trust, talk to and confide in. Being a deadly adult means you are:

  • Easy to talk to
  • You listen
  • You respect a child and teenager’s privacy, and
  • You respect their rights to feel the way they do!

A deadly adult is...

  1. Working on knowing themselves on their healing journey – Learning about your own values and beliefs and tries to communicate clearly and respectfully.

  2. Learning the basics – about the human body (puberty and reproduction) and what affects a person’s sexuality, what a healthy relationship is, and what consent means.

  3. Able to find the answers questions – May have some ideas about the answers (but not all!). They can find trusted information and always give the child answers.

A deadly adult tries to teach young ones through words, through actions and reactions, questions, and other people’s behaviour.

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Some information adapted from Talk with Your Kids

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