Spend Less Money on Food - Fruits and Veggies


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Some basic tips for buying and eating the healthy stuff.

Vegetables and fruits


  • Buy frozen vegetables and fruits. They’re just as nutritious as fresh, and store longer.
  • Choose plain frozen vegetables. The vegetables sold with added sauces may be higher in fat, sugar, and salt.
  • Larger bags of frozen vegetables and fruits may have a lower unit price than smaller bags.


  • Buy canned fruit packed in its own juice or water.
  • Look for canned vegetables labelled no added salt or low sodium (salt).


  • Buy fresh vegetables and fruits when they’re on sale.
  • Choose varieties with a lower unit price or buy different types of vegetables or fruits.
  • Only buy amounts you can use before spoiling, or freeze to enjoy at a later date.
  • Buying food in season will get you fresher taste, but not always a lower price. Compare prices between fresh, frozen, and canned food.

Article adapted from Alberta Health Services "Tips to Spend Less Money on Food"

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