Interview Skills


2 minutes - Article

Get to know some typical job interview questions.

As you transition to adulthood, the right job can provide life stability and a consistent income. Visit the Alis website to learn all the tips and tricks for job interviews. From their website:

To have a great interview, you need to think ahead about the questions the interviewer might ask. Questions about you could include your skills, your experience, attitudes, and more. Learn to research and prepare for the interview of your life.

Depending on who is conducting the interview, the questions you are asked may vary, but most interviewers will focus on questions about:

  • You and your abilities
  • Why you are a good fit for the job
  • Why you want the job
  • The salary you expect
  • How committed you are
  • Your fit with the company‚Äôs culture

You will want to prepare your answers in advance, and practice them so you appear poised and have a natural flow to your answers.

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