Paying and Getting Back a Damage Deposit


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Most landlords require a tenant to pay a damage deposit before moving in. This is a one time payment and can't be more than one month's rent.

When you move out, the landlord can either return the damage deposit (sometimes called a security deposit) or use it for cleaning or repairs. Landlords can keep some, or all of it, for the following reasons:

  • Money you owe on rent
  • Damage by you or your guests
  • Needs cleaning
  • Lost keys

Get your clean on!

In order to get your damage deposit back, leave your apartment or suite in good condition. Make sure its clean and repair any damage you or your guests may have caused. Clean carpets, bathrooms and kitchens well, including drawers and cabinets. Review your lease to make sure both you, and your landlord, are following the rules!

(photo credit: unsplash.com)

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