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A landlord may require you to have Tenant Insurance as a condition in your lease.

As a tenant, you are legally responsible for any damage you cause to property or any harm you may cause to others. Having Tenant Insurance (also known as Renters Insurance) protects you from situations where you might be at fault for damage to your suite, another suite, or the building, like in a fire or flood.

Adult Stuff - Insurance!

Tenant insurance mayalso cover:

  • Replacement costs for any of your personal property that may get destroyed
  • Personal liability in case someone gets hurt in your place or you accidentally injure someone or damage their property
  • Living expenses in case you have to live somewhere else while your place is being repaired

If you need Tenant, or Renters Insurance, you can get quotes online or ask a support person to help you find the right local insurance place to go.

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