Transition to Adulthood

Make your Life Easier - Get a Binder!


2 minutes - Article

As you enter adulthood, there are a lot of documents that you begin collect – and it’s important to know where they are.

Ashlee Homewood is a caseworker from Calgary, she says that getting a binder is the simplest way to keep and know where all your important information is.

“We try to encourage all of our young adults to have a binder,” Ashlee says, “We will even buy the binder for you! So you have everything that you need and can show it to another adult and say, listen, all the information is here.”

Ashlee says that it saves time and makes life easier to be able to track down information and documents when you need them. The types of documents to keep in your binder include:

  • Tax information
  • Certificates (ie ProServe)
  • Assessments

“In addition to tax information, youth often have certificates of things they've completed. Lots of them will connect with the youth employment center and will have their pro-serve and things like that. They also might have assessments that have been done that show learning disabilities and things like that. It’s great to have when you go to any post-secondary program. So we suggest you put all of those things in a binder!”

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