Transition to Adulthood

Reaching Out


2 minutes - Article

When you transition out of care, a lot of times you may hear the word “independence”.

Caseworker Ashlee Homewood says that being independent doesn’t mean you have to do things on your own now. She says it's actually the opposite and that it's important to learn “interdependence” – which is relying on other people for help.

“We talk about transitioning kids to independence but…being an adult has nothing to do about being independent! It's being interdependent and having your people that you turn to when you don't know how to get your stove to turn on or when you're stuck at home when you're sick and someone needs to shovel your driveway. Whatever those parts are about your life, you need to have people to help you through it.”

It takes courage to ask for help

Asking for help and reaching out to supports is key part of becoming an adult. It takes courage to use your voice instead of suffering in silence on your own. No matter the question or issue, know that if you are not getting good answers from the people you are asking, then ask someone else!

“Absolutely the biggest thing about being an adult is you have to ask someone for help", says Ashlee, "and if that person doesn't help, be a squeaky wheel until you find somebody who is willing to help or knows what the answer is.”

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