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Dad Tips: Kids Going to Pre-School?


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Start the school year strong!

Having a child go to pre-school or kindergarten for the first time can be a stressful experience - for both you and your kid! As you ease into September, here are a few Dad Tips to make sure your little one starts off the school year in a good way.

Wind Down Time!

Getting ready for pre-school can start the night before. In the summertime, our family routines can get a little slack, so when September rolls around, it’s time to re-start old routines, or begin new ones. Your little one loves routines. It helps them feel safe. So, start the night before with playtime, brushing teeth, having a bath, or reading. By winding down before bed, your child can have a good sleep and be ready in the morning for pre-school or kindergarten.

Visit the school and meet the teacher

If this is your child’s first time in a new place, do your best to be there to meet the teacher, teachers’ assistants and check out the classroom. Your child may be afraid about what to expect on their first day. Having you there will help them feel safe and prepared for this new journey.

Involve your child in school supplies shopping

Something as simple as a new backpack, lunch kit, or water bottle can help ease your child fears about going to pre-school. Take them shopping and pick out something they really like. It doesn’t have to be expensive - it just has to be theirs! Going shopping for school supplies can create excitement for the new school year.

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