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A Great Resource from BearPaw Media and Education!

While much of parenting cannot be taught in a book, there is a great booklet that can help you find the right starting points to understand the legal aspects of being a parent. Parenting – Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities can be download from BearPaw Media and Education’s website.

This beautifully illustrated booklet covers the legal basics for young parents, including:

  • Naming and Registering Your Baby
  • Guardianship
  • Adoption
  • Indian Act, First Nation, or Métis Nation Membership
  • Financial Assistance
  • Financial Obligations
  • Employment Leave and Benefits

As a parent, things can change. Including break ups, disagreements and even court. This booklet covers some of the trickier situations, including:

  • Parents who Split up or Live Separately
  • Parenting and Contact Agreements
  • Court Orders

So, what are my legal responsibilities as a parent?

Legally, in Alberta, parents are expected to provide children with the necessities of life. This means food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. Parents must also make sure their children are provided with:

  • Reasonable care, supervision, and discipline
  • A safe and healthy home
  • Adequate food
  • Medical attention
  • Education
  • Affection and attention

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