Resolution of Disputes


2 minutes - Article

Children's Services is committed to the early resolution of disputes that arise during the course of delivering services under CYFEA.

Informal dispute resolution mechanisms, which promote collaborative decision-making using a family-centred approach, are used whenever possible when there is a dispute over a director’s decision (e.g. Family Group Conferencing).

This may result in a reduced need for formal administrative review and appeal mechanisms. Children's Services works with children and youth, guardians, caregivers, and residential facility applicants, to ensure they are aware of informal and formal dispute resolution mechanisms available. Regardless of the mechanism used, issues are resolved collaboratively, respectfully, fairly, and efficiently. This approach can empower young people and their families to advocate for themselves.

  • Children and youth who are in care have the right to disagree with a decision and the right to have their concerns taken seriously.
  • Children or youth may need a support person to assist them in accessing dispute resolution options and to ensure that their voices are heard.

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