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Request your Foster Care Records


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Children's Services has a responsibility to release information to a person requesting historical information in their intervention record, as they are entitled to the information that pertains to them.

If you were in foster care at any point during your childhood, whether or not you were adopted, you can make a request for your foster care records. These documents provide an overall view of your time in care of the department, which may include the following information:

  • developmental milestones
  • education
  • health
  • foster care placements
  • family background

If you want to request historical information from your own record:

  • Go to the office that that last managed your file, they will support you in the process.
  • If the file is no longer located at the office that last managed the file. Go to Post Adoption/Post Guardianship Services to complete their information request.

Following the closure of a file, the service delivery office is responsible to store the file on-site for two years, after which the file is sent to the Alberta Records Centre (ARC) for storage and imaging. If you are not satisfied with the information released to you, you can seek additional access support from the Information and Privacy Office (IPO).

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