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Feeling Stuck about an issue you with a Government program or agency?


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Contact the Alberta Ombudsman

As a youth transitioning to adulthood, you likely have a lot of government agencies and programs that you deal with. Whether its Alberta Children's Services, Alberta Works, Alberta Advanced Education or even Alberta Transportation, if you feel stuck or feel a decision has been made that is not fair, you can call the Alberta Ombudsman. The Ombudsman provides oversight to ensure fair treatment through independent investigations and recommendations for all Albertans.

If you have an issue you would like to resolve with an Alberta agency or program, call the Alberta Ombudsman Intake line and they will have you describe your situation. Most often, they can help point you in the right direction, and get you in contact with the right people, without having to make an official complaint. By calling the Intake Line you can likely get your issue moving quickly and in the right direction.

If, after your intake call, they feel that you may have been treated unfairly, you can move forward with making an official complaint. If your complaint is accepted, the Ombudsman can investigate any decisions made and let you know about any outcomes.

The Ombudsman can investigate any administrative decisions by:

  • Alberta provincial government departments, agencies, boards and commissions
  • Alberta municipalities
  • Patient Concerns Resolution Process of Alberta Health Services
  • Health Professions (i.e. for example the Alberta College of Optometrists)
  • Other designated professional authorities such as accounting, forestry, veterinarian and agrologist professions

The Ombudsman cannot investigate:

  • Decisions made by the Federal government
  • Members of the Legislative Assembly
  • Federal or municipal police forces
  • Decisions made by universities or schools
  • Decisions made by the courts
  • Private businesses or private matters

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