Financial Support

Alberta Income Support


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You can access short term support to pay for basic expenses like food, clothing, and shelter.

There are several factors that affect your eligibility for income support. The process typically takes 2 weeks. You must be at least 18 years old and live in Alberta. Visit their website to learn more.


You must:

  • be unable to pay for your basic needs
  • not have income that exceeds what you would receive from Income Support core benefits
  • not have cash or savings that exceed three times the Income Support benefit you would be eligible to receive
  • be willing to apply for other income programs that you may be eligible to receive (such as Employment Insurance)

Ability to work:

Your situation must be one of the following. You:

  • are looking for work
  • are working but not earning enough
  • are unable to work for a short time
  • need help to access training to find a job
  • are unable to work due to chronic health problems or other concerns

(photo illustration credit: NCSA, Journey Home Documentary)

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