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Should I get Tested for a STI?


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If you think you may have an Sexually Transmitted Infection, talk to a Doctor about testing. The My Health Alberta website has a lot of good information about STI's, testing and treatments. From their website:

Key points to remember

  • Many health professionals recommend having a routine screening test for certain STIs if you have a high risk for infection. For example, you're at high risk if you're younger than 25 and sexually active, or if you've had more than one partner in the past year.

  • Some STI tests are recommended for pregnant women whether or not they have a high risk for infection.

  • Some STIs don't cause symptoms, or they can cause symptoms that go away. So unless you have a test, you may not know that you have an STI.

  • STI testing can help find an infection early. If you know that you have an infection, you can get treatment and prevent spreading the infection to others.

  • Left untreated, some STIs can lead to serious problems. For example, if a woman has an STI when she gives birth, her newborn may have the disease.

  • If your test shows that you have an STI, your sex partner(s) will need to know so they can be tested.

  • Some STIs can be cured with treatment. Others can't be cured, but treatment can help with symptoms.

  • You may not need to be tested if you aren't sexually active, you have a very low risk for infection, or you and your doctor have already discussed whether you need a test.

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