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Child and Youth Support Program


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If you are unable to care for your child, this program provides financial benefits for adult caregivers.

If you are a young parent and feel you can't care for your child. There are options, including the Child and Youth Support Program..

From their website:

The Child and Youth Support (CYS) Program provides financial and medical benefits for a child when the parents/guardians are unable or unwilling to care for the child, and the child is being cared for in another home of an adult caregiver.

This program is intended to supplement some of the child’s needs and offset some of the costs associated with the care. The care and responsibility of the child remains with the parents/guardian and caregiver. The CYS program promotes stable relationships for children by offering an alternate out-of-home placement.


The caregiver and child may be eligible to receive benefits if:

  • the child’s parents/guardians have provided a letter of consent for the caregiver to provide care for the child or
  • the caregiver has private guardianship of the child
  • the child is under 18 years of age at the time of application
  • the child’s income does not exceed the financial guidelines of the program
  • the child/youth is attending school, employed full-time or attending a full-time training program
  • the child must be residing with the caregiver seven days per week
  • the parent/guardian who is unable or unwilling to provide care for their child may not be living in the same home as the caregiver
  • the caregiver does not live on-reserve (the Child Out of Parental Home Program is available for caregivers who live on-reserve)

Biological and adoptive parents are not eligible to apply for the CYS benefits for their own children.

Talk to you caseworker if you need support raising your child.

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