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Mentoring Opportunities


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Support, advice and friendship.

If you are interest in being mentored, or being a mentor, there is support available. Children's Services has mentoring programs that you can connect to.

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership also has a lot of good information about mentoring. Talk to your caseworker for more information. From the Mentoring website:

Caring individuals

Child and youth mentoring, supported by the Alberta government, is when a caring individual provides a young person with support, advice, friendship, positive reinforcement and constructive role modelling over time. This support involves teaching skills, listening to their perspectives and creating a sense of belonging.

Mentoring helps young people develop confidence, self-esteem and social skills. Research tells us that, over time, consistent mentorship increases the likelihood that a child or youth will complete high school and experience success in life.

Develop resiliency

To support children and youth at risk develop resiliency, the Alberta government funds community organizations to provide mentoring opportunities for children and youth in government care and youth at risk.

Additionally, the Alberta government supports the Alberta Mentoring Partnership. The partnership is a network of organizations committed to advancing mentorship in Alberta. Whether you want to mentor a young person as an individual or as an organization, strengthen your programming for Alberta’s youth, or want to connect with a mentoring organization, the Alberta Mentoring Partnership can help.

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