Can I Have a Pet in my Apartment or Suite?


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If pets are allowed in your rental property, the landlord may charge a pet deposit fee. Landlords also have the right to not allow pets at all as a part of a lease.

If you have a want to have a pet in an apartment or suite, you need to make sure that your lease allows it. Check with your landlord before you move in and make sure that you understand any rules around pets. Know if you are allowed them, what kinds and how many. For example, a landlord may accept up to 2 cats or a small dog but may not be enthused about your iguana or snake terrarium.

A pet deposit is a fee that you would pay, like a damage deposit, when you first move in. When you move out, the landlord may keep some or all of that fee if they believe they need to do any cleaning or repairs due to your pet.

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