Kiskinwaham√Ękosiwin - Learning as a Student


4 minutes - Article

Learning always happened, even before Schools.

Learning always happened, even before Schools.

Back in the day, people preferred experiential learning over government-regulated schools. Learning happened all day long and was based on life experiences and the experiences of the people in the community. It was like a team effort and not just limited to one place like a school. The main goal was to learn how to live a healthy life by sharing stories, wisdom, and skills. Although Indigenous youth in Alberta have a different education now, school still gives us a chance to grow and create new opportunities for ourselves.

Planning for success in class.

Going to school can be a smoother experience if you prepare for what the school has in store for you. Most teachers, regardless of the education level, usually provide a course outline at the start of the term. This document contains important information such as the due dates for assignments, course objectives, and the materials needed for academic success.

Steps to take.

  • Make a list of shopping materials you will need for the class. If you have access to a dollar store, this can be a great place to find what you need at a low cost.
  • Read the course outline and goals and make notes of important information.
  • Use an electronic or paper calendar to record assignments and due dates.
  • Going to School means more than homework and class.

If you attend classes in person, make sure you don't miss them as much as possible. It's not just about learning, but also the chances it gives you to make the most out of your school life. Schools usually have clubs, groups and events that can help you grow as a person while building connections and giving you the opportunity to explore new things.

Steps to take.

  • Try to attend school and talk with your teachers and classmates.
  • Try signing up for clubs or activities. Depending on your school they may have specific activities for you to participate in ceremony or culture. Ask the school office for ways to find specific activities and groups that you feel you can connect to.