TAP Program

Connect with a TAP Transition Specialist


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In the TAP program, there are two special people called Transition Specialist

The TAP program have two people within the role of a Transition Specialist. Their job is to help and support young adults who need additional assistance. If you or your care team (with your permission) want additional advocacy support, you can ask for help from the Transition Specialists. They also provide support to young adults within TAP as part of the TAP dispute resolution process. They are there to help you advocate for what you want, or if you disagree about a decision that had been made on your behalf as part of TAP.

Transition Specialists also help young adults who are moving to or from a different province. If you are receiving support from TAP but are planning to move to another province, the Transition Specialists along with your TAP Practitioners will help you figure out what supports you’re eligible for. It's like having two helpers who make sure that everyone gets the help they need, even if they live far away.