TAP Program

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Transition to Adulthood Program Pathways is a program that helps young adults like you become more independent

The Transition to Adulthood Program helps young adults like you become more interdependent. TAP is made up of four different Pathways for you to choose from, to help you focus on your goals as you transition to adulthood. When entering TAP, the Admissions Team collaborates with you to determine which Pathway you want to enter based on your strengths, goals, hopes and dreams.

The four Pathways are:

Adult Support Services Pathway: In this Pathway, you are supported to connect to lifelong adult supports like AISH, and PDD that will help meet your needs. You get support from your TAP Practitioner while also accessing the adult support services that will help you meet your transition to independence goals.

Stability Pathway: In this Pathway, you are supported to feel stable and receive help based on your individual needs. TAP clients in this pathway are supported to connect with mental, physical, or addiction supports while continuing to be supported with housing and monthly costs so they can stabilize.

Employment and Career Pathway: Within this Pathway, you can access supports that will help you enter the workforce and reach your employment goals. This might look like work search, interview preparation, resume building, and other career planning tools.

Education (Advancing Futures) Pathway: Within this Pathway, you can earn a degree or diploma, learn a trade, receive a certificate, or obtain a high school diploma if it’s a requirement for entry into a post-secondary program.

The TAP Pathways are like a big tree with different branches, and you can choose which branch to go on based on what you want to do. Each branch will help you become more independent and grow just like a tree. You decide which pathway you want to access, and you can switch pathways if your needs change.