Transition to Adulthood

CONNECTIONS gets an upgrade!


3 mins - Article

New features launched as our little app grows up!

CONNECTIONS is just over a year old, and we’ve just completed our first upgrade! We’ve made some changes to bring you new content, more often – all while using as little of your valuable data as possible! We moved the couch, fixed the furnace, and slapped some paint on the walls.

We hope you like the changes and share the app and its articles widely. We’re here to help! Changes include:

  • Up to 10 new articles posted per month
  • Automatic updates when new content is posted
  • Share feature
  • Quick and easy favouriting of articles or topics
  • Improved "My Supports" section where you can set meetings and get a reminder about it 1 hour before!

So, keep scrolling, get connected, and hey, you be you in all your awesome-ness!

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