How to Clean Your House


3 mins - Article

Taking care of your place is taking care of yourself

Congratulations on getting your own place! This means you get to set your own rules and do your own chores. Cleaning your space may feel boring but you and your space will feel much better when you’re done cleaning.

Here are some tips for keeping your space clean to avoid a hot mess!

  1. Pick up after yourself as you go through your day

  2. When you’re cooking, wipe down surfaces as you go. Load the dishwasher or wash your cooking utensils as you are finished using them

  3. When you change your clothes, put them in the dirty hamper or the dirty pile on your floor

  4. Make your bed when you wake up. This will make your room look tidier and then you’ve already completed something for the day!

  5. Take your mess with you! When you’re done snacking, or doing art, clean it up as soon as you’re done

  6. Everything should have a spot! Clothes, dishes, cleaning supplies, bedding, etc.

  7. If you can, purchase door mats. This will cut down on the dirt tracked into your home. Dust them off outside or vacuum them at least once a week.

  8. Sweeping the floor daily can make a huge difference, your feet won’t feel the crunch and your floors will look neat.

  9. Declutter! Every time you buy something new, throw out or donate something old. Do your dishes daily! This is least favourite, and everlasting chore that is best done before you go to bed! Waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes is the worst!

Last thing you need to know about these pesky cleaning chores, crank up the tunes or listen to a podcast while you’re adulting!

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