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Reporting a Sexual Assault


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You deserve to be heard and believed

If you have experienced any form of sexual assault, you deserve help. It can be scary when you don’t know where to get help or what will happen when you do.

If you need support, call or text ‘One Line for Sexual Violence’ support in Alberta – 1-866-403-8000 (9am-9pm everyday)

BearPaw Media and Education has this booklet that provides information about your options when reporting sexual violence.

It is never too late

If you want to report, do it when you are ready. It is never too late to report. The three main options are:

  • Call the police or go to the police station
  • Go to the nearest hospital or health center
  • Call or go to a sexual assault centre

Ask the police or hospital staff to call a support for you and ask about what will happen next.

Do I have to contact the police?

It is your choice. If you call the police, they will contact Victim Services for you before they take your statement. Depending on when the assault happened, the officer may suggest you go to the hospital.

Should I go to the Hospital?

At the hospital, tell the front desk staff that someone sexually assaulted you. They may call a nurse. You can ask to wait in a quiet, private area.

Seeking Help

RCMP Victim Services staff or volunteers can support you through the reporting process and help you identify follow-up resources. The police will contact Victim Services for you before they take your statement. If they do not, you can ask them to call and tell them you want to wait until Victim Services arrives before continuing with any investigation.

Sexual Assault Centre’s across Alberta staff have specialized training in sexual assault and will know about:

  • What you might need or experience in the short and long-term
  • How best to support you
  • Reporting options and the processes available to you
  • They can coordinate services, accompany you to the hospital or the police station, and help prepare and accompany you to court

To find a Sexual Assault Centre near you, go to:

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