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Talk that ‘Positive Self Talk’


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Getting Through the Dark Times

When I am going through a rough or dark time in my life, I try to remind myself about positive self-talk.

I tell myself: “Bad times don’t last forever,” “Keep on keeping on” or “Even though this time is rough, I am getting through it.” It helps me keep going and makes the rough patches not seem as hard at the time.

Looking Back to Keep Look Forward

I look back now and applaud myself for getting through it. Sometimes I’d catch that little voice in my head saying: “This is too hard for me” or “I am not smart enough for this.”

To help catch myself in those negative thoughts, I started listening to affirmations. I play affirmations while falling asleep or when I am cleaning. This would distract my brain from the negative thoughts. There are also some catchy lyrics that would get stuck in my head like “I am healthy, I am wealthy.” Affirmations and positive self-talk give me hope for better days.

“I am” affirmations

“I am” affirmations are the best kind! They can help you alter all those pesky negative thoughts we all have in our minds about ourselves. Repeating a supportive, and positive-neutral statement helps calm your nervous system.

Try it for yourself!

I and protected

I am...relaxed

I am...grateful for all I am learning

Create your own or check out these “I am” affirmations on YouTube

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