Moving to Adult Health Care


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Get Well on Your Way!

If you are almost 18 years old, managing your health care will be a new responsibility for you. This may be called “transferring from youth to adult care.” This means making your medical appointments, keeping track of health information, and managing medicines or treatment plans.

Before you turn 18, it is usually your caregiver or foster parents who do most of the work of managing your health care. Unless you have special circumstances or disabilities, after you turn 18, you will be expected to manage your own health, which means learning new skills. This can take time, so it is best to start preparing early!

A good way to start your preparation is the Alberta Health Services Well on Your Way website.

Check out this Roadmap to learn more about transitioning to adult health care.

Learn how to advocate for your own healthcare needs and get ready for the transfer to adult care.

  • Go to Well on Your Way and learn more about:
  • Booking Medical Appointments
  • Finding a Doctor
  • Healthcare as an Adult
  • Health Insurance
  • Keeping Track of Health Information
  • Managing Medications & Treatment Plans
  • Preparing for Medical Appointments
  • Talking with Your Healthcare Providers
  • Understanding Your Medical Condition

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