Transition to Adulthood

Friends Come and Go


2 minutes - Article

It is normal for your friends to change over time.

Changing friends can be scary and uncomfortable! You may want to change friends because of toxic behaviours, changing goals, different interests and work-life.

Whatever your reason, it is ok to change your friends!

Think about how to do it in a good way that reduces the chances of getting hurt or hurting others.

Here are some ideas!

  • Slowly distance yourself from old friends. Hang out with them less. Remember: You don’t need to commit your life to your current friends. Making one solid friend can have a ripple effect, they introduce you to their friends and the next thing you know you have a whole new group of friends!
  • Join an online gaming community or sports team! Try a social media or online group with common interests
  • Sign up for a new class (Learn Cree, take an art class, go back to high school or apply for college or university!)
  • Meet people through work or school
  • Volunteer at an organization in your community

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