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I Miss My Friends, But I Will Explore New Possibilities.


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Friendships are sacred but also change naturally.

Friendships are sacred but also change naturally.

You will never forget the first group of buddies you’d hang out with at Pow Wows or the friends that would get together to play video games and eat snacks after school. Relationships with close friends will always hold a special place in your memories, but that doesn’t mean these friendships will last forever.

Sometimes friendships end naturally, or you may have to cut them off more suddenly because of conflicting values or personal changes. They may have ended, but that does not mean they’re meaningless or that you should forget them. Your memories will always be there, of special friends who made an impact on your life.

Seek out friendships, they’ve always been important.

Friends are necessary, we are social creatures; our history shows us that people you can bond with, and trust are crucial for our mental health. Not to mention they preserve our personal histories, they preserve our oral culture, and they spread and evolve ideas.

If you’re struggling to make new friends that you feel are missing in your life there are many ways to make new friends. Connecting to your roots and culture can be a great way to start!

Steps to take:

  • One way to meet new friends is to look for opportunities in your community. You can check your local community or Native Friendship centers to find youth groups.
  • Don't forget that most schools have various clubs, activities, and sports that you can join to connect with new people.
  • If there is a community gathering with a meal, consider attending as sharing meals is a great way to reconnect with your culture and bring people together.

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