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Navigating Alberta Children’s Services


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Order a booklet that visually explores options in the “system”

Want to know more about a Family Enhancement or Custody Agreement? Interested in how a Supervision Order works?

Navigating Alberta Children’s Services is a booklet of 8 maps that can:

  • Guide you through the legal pathways through the Children’s Services system.
  • Help you understand legal processes and where you can advocate for yourself and/or your children, and more!

Ever Wonder Where you are in the System?

Sit down with your caseworker, family members or supports, and find your current “location” in the system and explore upcoming options.

Most legal routes involve youth under 18 years of age and include Investigation and Apprehension processes, Agreements (Family Enhancement or Custody) and Orders (Supervision, Temporary Guardianship etc.).

See the Road Ahead

Better visualize and understand legal processes and your options. Armed with new knowledge and a clear understanding of the road ahead, you can make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

Order and Use Them!

The maps are easy to follow and free! To order please visit BearPaw Media Education’s Website.

Parents, foster parents and community support workers are highly encouraged to order the maps and go through them. The maps contain legal information only. Contact a lawyer for legal advice.

Made in partnership between Native Counselling Services of Alberta and the Alberta Ministry of Children’s Services.

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