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My Alberta Digital ID

2 minutes - Video

What is MyAlberta Digital ID and why do I need an account?

MyAlberta Digital ID provides you with a secure way to identify yourself to government online. An account provides you with a unique online identity, so you have secure access to multiple government programs and services. It is free to create and grants access to participating online government services. Internet or data charges may apply depending on your internet service provider or data plan.

  • To register for a MyAlberta Digital ID, go to the Create account page. Fill in the requested information and click “Submit”. You will receive a registration confirmation email. The “Confirm and continue” link must be clicked within 96 hours to complete the registration process.

What can you do with a Digital ID?

  • You can use MyAlberta Digital ID to access participating online government services. New services are being added all the time.

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