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What to expect from a LRCY Lawyer


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If you think you need a lawyer, contact the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate (OCYA) and ask to talk to someone about a LRCY Lawyer.

LRCY is short for Legal Representation for Children and Youth.

A LRCY lawyer can be appointed for you if you have a court matter under the Child, Youth, Family Enhancement Act or the Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act.

Your LRCY lawyer is there to listen to what you have to say. They will ask questions about what you think and what you want, so they can be prepared to represent you in court. You have a right to choice of counsel.

Meeting your Lawyer

When meeting with your LRCY lawyer, they will talk to you about:

  • Their role as your lawyer
  • What they can do for you
  • What will happen before, during and after court
  • What your legal rights are, including attending court if you want to
  • Confidentiality and what that means to you
  • The date and time of your legal matter
  • What your legal options are

Your LRCY lawyer will explain things in a way you can understand and answer any questions you have. Before your court hearing, they will meet with you in a place that’s comfortable for you. When it’s not possible to meet in-person, you and your lawyer will agree on a different way to communicate that you are comfortable with.

Your lawyer will follow your instructions and present your interests to the court. They will talk to you after the judge has made a decision and help you understand the decision and what it means for you.

Get in touch

Even if you’re not sure the OCYA can help – try them! A friendly intake worker will listen and ask you a few questions to see if they can help.

Their toll-free number is available anywhere in Alberta: 1.800.661.3446.

If you get a voicemail, leave a message with your name and phone number and an intake worker will call you back.

You can also email if that works better: [email protected]

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