Spend Less Money on Food - Meal Planning


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Step one for meal planning, look in your cupboards!

Before shopping for food

Meal planning Step 1: Check your cupboards, fridge, and freezer to see what foods you already have. Use these foods when planning your menu.

Step 2: Make a grocery list. Check store flyers to see if you can buy lower-cost items to use in your menu.

Should you make it or buy it? You can buy some foods partially or fully-prepared. When you plan your menu, there might be some prepared foods you buy to save time. Prepared foods may cost more, but the time you save may be worth the extra cost. For example: A cooked rotisserie chicken might cost more than one you have to cook yourself but will save you time.

Sometimes prepared foods may cost the same or less. For example: If you need to shred cheese for a casserole and shredded cheese is a lower price than block cheese; the shredded cheese will save you time and money.

Article adapted from Alberta Health Services "Tips to Spend Less Money on Food"

(photo illustration credit: NCSA, Journey Home Documentary)

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