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Learn what to look for with bread, pasta and crackers.

Grain foods Compare prices to see if you can buy whole wheat or whole grain breads, crackers, and pasta at the same or a lower price than refined (usually white) products. Whole grains provide more nutrients and are healthier choices than refined grains.

Breads and flatbreads like naans, pitas, and tortillas can be frozen and used at a later date if you can store them. Buy on sale and if possible, buy them in bulk and stock up.

Packaged items can equal too much salt

Packaged seasoned rice and pasta side dish mixes often contain more sodium and fat. These may cost more than plain rice and pasta. Adding your own low-sodium spices is healthier and may cost less.

Plain cooked cereals are less expensive than pre-packaged instant cereals. For example, a bag of plain oatmeal costs less than a box of packaged individual servings. When making your own cooked cereal, you can add flavourings like cinnamon or applesauce.

When the cost is the same or lower, choose whole grain higher fibre dry cereals with little or no added sugar instead of non-whole grain types.

Article adapted from Alberta Health Services "Tips to Spend Less Money on Food"

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