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How to Get a Free Phone and Data!


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Did you know that if you’re between 18-26 and have been in the child welfare system in Alberta you can get a free cell phone and data plan for two years? It's true!

Nimtaz Kanjii, the Director of Telus Corporate Citizenship and Communications, told us all about this great plan, called Telus Mobility for Good.

Free? It's true!

“Youth can get a free smartphone and a zero dollar smartphone plan,” says Nimtaz. “The phones are fully functional Apple and Android smartphones that are refurbished so they look and feel like new. They come with everything you need, like chargers and headphones. The plan includes unlimited Canada-wide talk and text and 3G of data per month. There’s no extra taxes to worry about, and the $0 price point is valid for two years.”

Nimtaz also explained that youth leaving foster care can take advantage of a low cost internet offer: Internet services for $9.95 per month for two years! If you are eligible for the free phone then you will also qualify for the Telus internet offer.

Am I eligible? How do I get it?

“You will be eligible if you are between the ages of 18 and 26, and have lived experience in the child welfare system,” says Nimtaz, “You also have to be or have been eligible for a Support and Financial Assistance Agreement (SFAA).”

To apply, you’ll need to do three things:

  • Download the Alberta letter of eligibility
  • Ask your caseworker or a support worker to confirm your care status and complete the letter of eligibility

What happens after two years?

If you want to keep the same phone plan after the two years are up, you will have to pay $35 per month, plus applicable taxes. If you also want to keep the internet services, the rate will increase to the regular market price.

However, Nimtaz really emphasized that you’re never locked into a contract. “You’re not committed in any way, and you can cancel at any point before you hit the two-year mark. If you choose to keep the plans beyond the two years though, then the price will increase.” If you don’t want to pay the higher prices, or if you end up finding a good deal elsewhere, make sure you cancel before the two-year mark so you don’t get charged any fees.

Already Have a Phone and Contract?

If you already have a phone and data contract that you are paying for, contact Telus and explain your situation. They may be able to help you figure out your options with your existing contract and help you get on the free plan.

Need a New, Used Laptop?

Telus also is supporting youth by helping them with getting a used laptop that they've fixed up. “Youth also have the opportunity to purchase a refurbished laptop of computer for anywhere between one hundred and two hundred dollars.”

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